Our English Teacher – How We “Hated” Her

Over fifty years ago, in my high school years, we had a unique English teacher. No one seemed to like her. When you had papers to do, she would praise you verbally and ripped the paper apart when grading it.You were never sure of what your grade would be. I had two or three years with this same teacher. Each year, I would shake my head with some degree of exasperation when I found out who my English teacher would be. “I will be glad when I am out of High School and away from Mrs. …. “. I know that I said that more than once while still in high school. After high school, I went off to technical school in western North Carolina. It was really surprising to me that I felt that I knew more than our English teacher at that school. Yes, once I was away from high school, I realized how well my high school English teacher had prepared me ( and most of the rest of the class as well  I need to look her up and tell her “Thank you”.'
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 I am in the process of setting up a computer system in our 
church library. One of the first things I thought about in this
 process is “Locking down the computers”. I decided to observe 
a local county library’s way of doing the same.

The library is just down the street from my home. This is a 
small library — Only 10 computers linked to their wired network
. They have just installed wifi, but I am not going to check it
 for now. Just want to see how the “protected ” computers are 

 All are running windows 10.

 all have sound enabled\r\n3. all have usb ports to allow you 
to save your work ( assuming you have a memory stick of some 
sort )\r\n4. Limited programs are loaded.

 start/run is disabled. no external bat, com or exe files are 
allowed.There are some deficiencies noted (so far ): 
java applications are allowed if accessed through a web page
 This means that if you create a web page on a memory stick 
that has java application within it, you can use your browser 
to access this application. Voila! An application that you can 
control.\r\n\r\nI have tried the following java application 
types with good success.. ssh client\r\n2. ftp client\r\n3. file browser\r\n\r\nNone of these cause any harm to their system. I am trying to think of other applications that would be useful if my system at home died.More on this is a future post. 

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Welcome to bounce back.

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